When your local pub reopens,
join the movement and tip the bar staff.
This promotion has now ended.
Thank you for all who joined us welcoming back our bar staff

How to give a
Stella Tip

Step 1

Find your nearest
pub taking part

Step 2

Order a pint of
Stella Artois

Step 3

We'll tip bar staff £1
for every pint served

Step 4

Share #StellaTips with
all your friends

Where can I
give a Stella Tip?

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    Why we created
    Stella Tips

    After 12 months of uncertainty, we wanted to make sure that everyone feels welcome to be back in their local pub when they reopen. We’re not just talking about the beer lovers and foodies, but the 12,000 UK hospitality staff returning to their place of work.

    With months of reduced wages, we wanted to create a movement that encourages people to tip bar staff more generously on their return.
    So we decided to put our money where our mouth is and create Stella Tips. Our promise to give £1 to bar staff tips, for every pint of Stella Artois poured. With a commitment to tip the industry £500,000, we hope Stella Tips inspires the public to get behind their local bar staff and continue tipping them far into the future...

    "When the pubs reopen, raise a Chalice of Stella Artois and give a Stella Tip, to those who make the return of the hospitality industry possible."

    Ali Humphrey,
    European Marketing Director of Stella Artois

    Stella Tips

    James Blunt

    James Blunt is owner of
    The Fox & Pheasant in Chelsea

    Jodie Kidd

    Jodie Kidd is owner of
    West Sussex's The Half Moon Inn